Unveiling Exclusive Whiskies for the French Market Oct 2023

unveiling exclusive whiskies for the french market

Taiwan's leading whisky distillery is thrilled to announce its continued presence at this year's Whisky Live Paris (Oct 21- 23), following its return in 2021 after a one-year absence due to the pandemic.

Guests will have the exclusive opportunity to savour whiskies, specially curated for the discerning French market, at the booth this year:

Ms. Aurora Chang, Kavalan Regional Manager, expressed enthusiasm about the French market's resurgence amid the return of social gatherings and on-trade activities.

"Throughout the pandemic, Kavalan strategically boosted sales with cocktails-friendly options like the Kavalan Distillery Select series. Additionally, the premium Solist cask strength whiskies addressed supply challenges in the Japanese whisky market. As we approach the final stages of our Third Maturation Warehouse, reflecting our dedication to quality and expansion, Kavalan stands ready and optimistic about meeting the growing global demands."

This year, the Kavalan booth features a captivating centerpiece that embodies the brand's distinct character, enhanced by vibrant pink orchids. A batten wall, inspired by Taiwanese windows, paired with a lush green roof mirroring Yilan County's natural beauty, and complemented by exquisite woodwork, all symbolize the quality of Kavalan's oak casks.

Mr. Didier Ghorbanzadeh, Global Ambassador for Kavalan's European distributor La Maison du Whisky (LMDW), affirms that Kavalan spares no effort in crafting a world-class single malt that confidently stands on par with the most renowned distilleries.

"When experiencing Kavalan's whiskies for the first time, the surprising maturity, despite its youth, is attributed to the unique tropical aging conditions in Taiwan. This distinct characteristic sets it apart from the single malts we already distribute in Europe."

Didier highlighted that Europeans are taken aback by the intensity, depth, and vibrant fruit flavours found in Kavalan.

"While diverse oak influences (sherry, wine, etc.) are beautifully expressed with intense aromas, Kavalan is distinct for its explosive tropical fruit flavours on the midpalate and finish, offering refreshing purity to balance the oak's influence."

LMDW seeks to boost Kavalan's on-field presence by offering tastings and masterclasses at events such as Whisky Live Paris, The Whisky Show London, and The Whisky Show Budapest, showcasing Taiwan's unique whisky to an expansive global audience.

About Kavalan Distillery

Kavalan Distillery in Yilan County has been pioneering the art of single malt whisky in Taiwan since 2005. Our whisky, aged in intense humidity and heat, sources the meltwaters of Snow Mountain and is enhanced by sea and mountain breezes. All this combines to create Kavalan's signature creaminess. Taking Yilan County's old name, our distillery is backed by about 40 years of beverage-making under parent company, King Car Group. We have collected more than 790 gold awards or higher from the industry's most competitive contests. Visit www.kavalanwhisky.com

About La Maison du Whisky

Founded in 1956, La Maison du Whisky transitioned from a simple retailer to a global distributor of whiskies and spirits. With its Singapore subsidiary and LM&V joint venture, it represents over 250 brands, spanning from whisky to tequila. They offer a vast collection of over 4,000 products online and in-store. Their ventures also include Fine Spirits Auction for collectors and The Avant Gardist (TAG) spotlighting innovative brands. Committed to expanding their industry knowledge, they provide training, host the Whisky Live Paris event, and have been publishing resources like Whisky Magazine since 2004.